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Aerial Art Photos

Stockwell's love of flying and photography were destined to come together in the form of aerial art. These two passions compliment each other incredibly well. This category, Aerial Art covers photographs of either natural or manmade subjects, characterized by precise, bold geometric shapes, strong colors or smoothly flowing lines, which need to be viewed and appreciated as art. Something that seems natural or that is quite often overlooked from the ground, takes on a new dimension when seen from above.

We have all seen photographs of crop circles. But, nature alone, without the assistance of humans, contains numerous artistic elements. Many times these natural elements are used by graphic artists and designers to make a statement in the form of shapes and textures. When in the course of a shoot we fly over something that peaks my interest, I shoot it. Later it is analyzed for its content and form. I do not use Photoshop or other computer software to create images, but only to enhance the work that already exists.




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All images copyrighted Fred Stockwell, Ashland, Oregon