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Field Art Car Pattern Pattern Windmill in a field Field and Stream
Artful patterns in growing fields Junk viewed as an artistic pattern. Neighborhood Pattern in Medford Windmill in a field An aerial view I call "Field & Stream"
Hay Bales Earth Lear Art Flowers Salvage Art
Hay Bales in the field An aerial image of earth as a texture Lear Art A field of flowers near the Interstate, in Medford Local Salvage Yard
Junk Yard AA Field Pattern Mobile Homes Car Pattern
Car in a wreckers yard look like abstract art from the air. Neat patterns on the tarmack at the airport Ripples in a field of mowed hay Homes in a Mobile park Rogue valley Oregon Cars in rows look like an artistic pattern, viewed from above
  T.I.D. Irrigation in Rogue valley, Oregon   Cloud Formation 1  
  T.I.D. Irrigation in Rogue valley, Oregon Cloud Formation 1  



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