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Architectural Photos

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Buildings, especially the most triumphant ones, are history in and of themselves. Many are undeniably art, built on the limitless canvas of sky. I believe that architectural photographs can be a form of art photography or an historic image. The buildings themselves also in capture a distinct form of man's creativity.

Throughout history, architecture has often been controversial. The Eiffel tower was originally thought to be a monstrosity, but now it stands as one of France's most important landmarks. The Statue of Liberty was a gift that was more like an albatross for the United States, but now is revered as a symbol of freedom.

The sheer size of architectural projects makes them challenging photos. Because most are shot from the ground, the visual is a keystone effect that doesn't give a true perspective of the building and its size. Aerial photos can serve to capture the buildings more similar to the mind's eye that designed them. Also with aerial photography, massive structures can be captured on a single image, with a more true representation of the whole object.




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