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Construction Photography

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Photographing construction often gives me the same feeling as when I am shooting show photography. Skilled people busy at their tasks, fully absorbed in their craft are seldom bothered by a camera. On a construction site, I can capture huge projects underway, but also very candid shots of the people at work bringing the project to life.

Again, my camera lens is drawn to things that recall memories from my youth. I worked for a short time as a steel rigger in Tasmania, an experience that built my respect for those who work with their bodies. It was hard, dirty work, with a touch of excitement. The construction workers -- unsung heroes really -- put in long hours at the job for relatively little recognition of their efforts.

Artistically, construction sites make compelling photos. The large steel columns and heavy machinery make interesting subjects. The blends of materials, colors, shapes and forms, intermingled with the human element of fatigued faces, sweat-streaked brows and straining muscles. It is fascinating to watch these structures take shape. When completed they stand as examples of the incredible imagination and abilities of humans.




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