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(Febrary 2006)

AMARC, Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center is located in the town of Tucson, Arizona in the USA. Arizona is a south, western state which borders Mexico. A major industrial center occupying 2,600 acres, AMARC manages an inventory of more than 4,200 aircraft. One of the reasons that AMARC is situated here is the dry, arid environment which exists in the area all year round. 

Katrina Photos Gulf Coast, USA
(October 2005)

Hurricane(s) Katrina and Rita
In a year that will long be remembered for its destructive hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina was just the third most powerful storm of the 2005 season -- behind Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Rita. Still, the sixth-strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic basin left its devastating mark on the Gulf Coast, crushing U.S. Gulf coastal towns. The hardest hit was the largest population area of New Orleans. On August 29, when the storm surge breached the levee system that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, most of the city was flooded. Katrina was the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history, with estimates reaching $75 billion. New Orleans has yet to recover.
Home in Oregon, watching the carnage captured on video by news helicopters, I knew I had to go as soon as possible. But while I waited for air space regulations over New Orleans to be lifted, Hurricane Rita made its debut. The New Orleans levee system, already heavily damaged, was again breached on September 23 by Rita's rising waters.
I finally made it to Louisiana on October 2. With the floodwaters beginning a slow descent, much of the damage could be seen from my aerial vantage point. I spent two days flying above the Gulf Coast and the worst hit parts of the Big Easy before leaving. I came home with more than 1,000 images. Many of these images are available for charitable fundraising events to benefit the hurricane victims. I am planning exhibitions for this purpose. I, also, plan to go back to follow up on the aftermath. I look forward to supporting a worthy cause that will put the money where it is needed. Twenty percent of the cost of any prints bought from this Web site will be donated to hurricane victims.







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