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Entertainment Photos

This is a broad category. Are we being entertained or doing the entertainment? What rates as amusement and diversion to some of us, such as a county fair, may not appeal to others. I have tried to capture not only some of our local forms of leisure and recreation, but some of the more spectacular events at home and abroad as well.

Show photography has always fascinated me. It seems to bring out my creativity and sense of focus. Photographing bands at night, in dark clubs may sound like work, but I've found it to be quite relaxing for me and I really enjoy it. Using a high quality lens with no flash can be a real challenge! I personally enjoy photographing artists and performers, as they are absorbed in their craft. I have had some luck, captured some great local acts and a few noteworthy celebrities in this pursuit. At any rate it is always a good excuse to get out and listen to music.




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