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"Junk of the World"

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Popular cliché states, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." That certainly holds true in my case, where photos of the junk of the world make up some of the most unique and interesting shots I have taken. Some junk is an art form, like old car grills from the 1930s or abandoned old barns. Good junk is something that is OK to climb on, get inside of, to pretend with. Just look at small children on a playground train!

Humans build mountains of junk. Our production creates many things, which we use and then we expend great amounts of energy to dispose of. While hauling the recycling bin to the curb once a week isn't too much energy, disposing of monstrous items like airplanes or trucks is another story.

Recent shoots include the Arizona desert "AMARC" where hundreds upon hundreds of airplanes, all in various states of disrepair are "housed" until they can be refurbished, parted or torn completely asunder.




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