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Nature Photos


This category contains photographs of many things from clouds to volcanoes. Defined here, as anything that is not made by humans. Botanical Gardens are also included in this section because although humans design them, they are essentially natural. Stockwell is often called by the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, the Ashland Tree Commission, Headwaters and other groups to provide photographs of various areas or projects that they are working on. Stockwell Photos is pleased and honored to work with people who are dedicated to preserving our natural world.

Shots include the typical "postcard' images from the air of Crater Lake, Emigrant Lake and Natural bird sanctuaries around Klamath Lake in Eastern Oregon. Underway is a project of photographing the volcanoes along the natural fault line that runs down this part of the country.Also included are photos of the devastation left by forest fires and floods. These natural disasters are also part of nature, although they portray the darker side that we do not always wish to see.




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All images copyrighted Fred Stockwell, Ashland, Oregon