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Sports Photography

Stockwell's sports photos represent an eclectic mixture of his own interests. Motor racing in most forms is his personal area of interest with the adrenaline rush that comes with fast moving things. He loves the speed and energy of races most of all. When he was a young man, he was a cafe racer in and around London. He admits he is still somewhat of a motor head so it only makes sense that many of his photos capture races, cars or people in grip of excitement.

He prefers individually oriented pursuits, as opposed to team sports. For many years, he was involved in paragliding instruction and saw first hand the exhilaration as people took on an intense new sport and triumphed.

At other sporting events the action inspires him. The crowds and the life energy fuel my interest. He enjoys the energy and the zeal sports bring out in the fans. Stockwell tends to notice what is happening around the contests more thanhe does the event itself. When he is flying it is interesting to him to photograph the arenas and places where sports take place. "The tracks and fields are all unique and individual, and the shapes and designs can be pleasing shapes against the backdrop of the earth. "




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All images copyrighted Fred Stockwell, Ashland, Oregon