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Transportation Photos


Transportation is more than just a way of conveying people, goods, etc. from place to place. This category covers boats, planes, trains, cars, trucks, buses, RVs balloons, motorcycles and any vehicle that moves anything or anyone. The excitement that people feel when going somewhere or heading home is what Stockwell strives to portray in photographing things that transport us.

Stockwell grew up in England watching boats on the Thames. In the 60s, he worked at the London docks and became inspired to travel, by seeing all the boats that came from foreign and exotic places. Some of his most memorable journeys were by train; Malaysia to Thailand, the Transvaal, or by plane; flying on one of the first 707s from London to Australia. When he see some of these vehicles, he sees his past; He sees history and a way of life that is being left behind.




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All images copyrighted Fred Stockwell, Ashland, Oregon