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Travel Photos


Stockwell became a traveler because he was better at moving than at staying still. At quite a young age he was encouraged to get out and "see the world." and he did. Like a hunter on a great safari,he has spent a lifetime hunting the world, and most of the time capturing it with photos.

He has always traveled with a camera. Through the lenshe could capture these other cultures, for just a moment, a click of the shutter, before moving on. By taking many of these clicks from the skies above these different places, he'sI tried to capture a perspective that goes beyond what one can see in just that moment.

The sweeping views of Rio de Janeiro capture hundreds of years of Brazilian art, history and culture. The shot of a Mexican dancer, the smile on her face, tells yet another story. Timeless landscapes join with historic architecture to create images that say as much about a place as the people who live there.





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